Spend 99% of your day having focused conversations.

The 5 Ws (and How): what + who + when + where + why + how = Wow. The answers to these questions can’t be yes-no. Attention span nowadays is what it is. Make sure you’re listening too! The Ws+H keep you focused and on track to building sharp constructive conversations, CTA-oriented.

Add notes on business cards directly after meeting people.

Firstly, make time in the evening or at the end of Summit to compile a list of all your business cards or scan contacts in a master sheet (do this really fast, like at the airport or in the plane fast). Make these notes really specific.

Don’t focus too much on the speeches; they will be available online anyway. If you must, pick a few speakers that will present about topics or challenges that you’re really interested in. Also remember to always focus on the networking instead.

Bring the timer with you!

One of our team members had the idea to set a three-minute timer on his phone every time he pitched. When it vibrated in his pocket, he knew it was time to bring the conversation to a natural close and move on.

It’s all about delivering value, whether it’s physical value (wallet) or not physical value (story).

Avoid ‘sales pitches’ instead connect with people on a personal level.

Everyone is looking for something. Be able to:

a.     Decide if you’re the one that can get them what they want

b.     Help them find the person they are looking for

c.     If you’re not going to commit to neither A or B, move and keep searching.

Search for that one person that will help you reach your goal.

There’s always someone who knows about someone that knows someone that can be of value to you… So, communicate. By spreading your word you’ll be winning time. If you really want to meet a speaker, do all you can to grab their attention before they speak because after that they’ll be easy targets and everyone will be trying to get to them too.

Scan the QR codes that are on every participants’ badge

By scanning this code, you get all relevant information about your interlocutor (company, position, email, phone number, interests, etc) and can engage with them later. It’s easy, environment-friendly and hassle free, so do it and don’t ever stop.

Boost your social profiles by posting about the event.

If you are normally struggling with ideas for content, Web Summit is a great opportunity to share your pictures and thoughts on Face book, Twitter, and Instagram. Take pictures of your conference booth, your team, promotional material, and interesting talks and post them during the conference.

Live-tweeting as much as possible!

Investing in Twitter ads with the event hash tag.

Make sure you’re involved in the conversations on social media. Use #websummit or #websummit2017 for your tweets.

Instagram hash tags are one of the best ways to meet and interact with people. I’m not very good at starting IRL conversations so I just dug into #WebSummit and #WebSummit2016 in between talks and started commenting on pictures people were taking there. I ended up engaging with more than 200 people! It makes it much easier to then meet in person!

Use Twitter, Face book, Snapchat, Instagram, you name it, to share quotes, insights, videos and ideas with your followers.

So many great content available, that is a pity if you don’t try use it.

Take at least one additional person (or even 2 or 3) with you.

That way, you can divide your attention between different people and still make time to share your experiences on social media during the event.

Lots of people think that success is about distributing as many business cards as possible. It’s not! I can assure you! It’s much better to develop a handful of great contacts, than randomly distribute business cards for the sake of it. Quality over quantity! Always!!


There are lots of co-working spaces for those who need to get some work done: Co-work Lisboa, Liberdade 221, Entrepreneurs Break, Product Tank and Village Underground.


Leave the venue and find a little coffee shop around where you can have a quick bite to eat. There are many in the adjacent streets and you’ll be done really fast as everyone is busy queuing inside the venue.

You can see the free coffee in a lot of places at the conference, life saver!

Snacks, I cannot emphasize this enough, stock up on snacks.


Change mindset. Go All-In elevator pitch mode, especially when you’re not in the elevator. Go big or go home. You’ll need your best a game, anytime, anywhere. Know your value proposition really well.

Make sure your why is there and is big enough to win over the most though questions. Why do you do what you do, what are you trying to accomplish, what keeps you awake and what energizes you?

The opportunity is huge, you don’t know when it will come, so lock yourself at your best and stay there.

Keep a daily journal because follow-through is vital

After the event, will you be looking at that biz-card collection?

Will you be able to identify that “one” person you had “that” conversation with? How will you follow-upon your goal then? If you maintain a handy journal with day highlights, key persons you met and one call-to-action at least, that’s all you need to close that follow-through magical loop.

Don’t rely on the conference Wi-Fi

Buy a 15 euro Vodafone 4g card with 30GB onboard in any Vodafone store in Lisbon. You can also use it as a hotspot to showcase and demo your products.

The satellite events.

Go to Eventbrite, Meetup.com and events on Facebook to find the networking and satellite events during the WebSummit. Be sure to check this event Founders' Challenges: If life gives you lemons, make lemonade (Free).

Plan evening events into your work schedule.

The work doesn’t stop during the day, the networking goes all over into the night and you can meet even more amazing people in a more casual atmosphere.

Conferences are not all about business. Some of the best connections are made at the Night Summit: 6th — Bairro Alto & Principal Real. 7th — Pink Street and Cais do Sodre. 8th — LX Factory. Make the most of the app, connect with people, and sign up for one of the many after hours events